Commission Media
violations to begin work

KABUL (TOLOnews): The Commission of Media Violations (CMV) is due to kick off its activities on Monday, the Ministry of Information and Culture said.
Despite the formation of the CMV, there has been a delay in the start of its operations.
Deputy Minister of Information and Culture, Mahajar Farahi, said that he will commence the operations of the commission with journalists in a meeting on Monday.
“The first meeting was for introductions. The second meeting will discuss the challenges and the practical activity of the CMV,” he said.
This comes as journalists complained that they have been facing severe challenges during coverage of news events and incidents.
“The journalists are currently facing a lot of challenges and threats but there is nowhere to refer to,” said Farkhunda Mehbi, a journalist.
“The challenges against journalists have increased. The restrictions have been extended,” said Mustafa Shaharyar, a journalist.
The media-supporting organizations called on the CMV to address the challenges of journalists in Afghanistan.
“We hope the commission will begin operations as soon as possible and pay attention to the cases of the journalists who are currently in detention,” said Farhad Behroz, deputy head of the Union of Afghanistan’s Freelance Journalists.
“We call on the Islamic Emirate to send an official statement about the media law enforcement to all departments so they treat the media based on the law,” said Masroor Lutfi, head of the Afghanistan National Journalists Union (ANJU).
The CMV includes representatives from the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Vice and Virtue, the security department and members of the journalist’s union, according to the Ministry of Information of Culture.