IEA must take some measures for durable security

KABUL (Pajhwok): Security has been tighter across Afghanistan after the political change, but analysts say the Islamic Emirate (IE) must bring changes to some ofits policies to maintain stability and should soften stance on some issues, interact with the nation and create a professional government.
The previous government (republic) collapsed on August 15, 2021 and replaced by the current acting government and Tuesday marked the completion of two years of the Islamic Emirate government.
Analysts’ views on security situation
Military analyst Asadullah Nadeem says: “The security situation of Afghanistan has changed significantly, we can even say it is better compared to all previous regimes after President Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan.”
Nadeem about the reasons of security said: “The first reason is that Taliban are an inclusive, powerful group and a nationwide movement, they act brutally some extent against rivals, secondly Pakistan intelligence has always breached Afghanistan security, but now this movement is a friend to that country, thirdly, all the people are tired of fighting, no party or group is ready to fight and finally no rebellion against the incumbent rulers has external support to fight them”.
However, relations between Kabul and Islamabad seem tense as Pakistani officials have repeatedly said Afghans are involved in insecurity of that country, but the officials of acting government of Afghanistan have rejected their claims as baseless and advised Pakistan to look for internal solutions to its problems instead ofblaming Afghanistan.
Asadullah Nadeem said it was important for the acting government to continue its efforts for durable security.
According to him, it is possible that the current security proves not permanent because some policies of the current caretaker government can possibly result into gaining foreign support by its opponents.
“If the Taliban want comprehensive and permanent security, stability, economic development in the country, they need to attract foreign investors for investment in the country, should gain domestic and international legitimacy, bring changes to the government structure, all such changes must be technical not ethnical and the government must not actlike a partnership company or appoint officials as representatives of bigger tribes,” he added.
He said: “The Taliban must form a professional and technical government, employ professional scholars forgaining international legitimacy, attract international funds for investment, or else the current available security can be more precarious in the future”.
Toryalai Himmat, another analyst, thinks security is the Islamic Emirate’s huge achievement.
He said: “It is not about security only, Afghanistan had previously first position in production of drugs in the world, but now it is the last one in the list of countries that produce drugs, up to 600 Afghans were being killed every day in the past, that level has decreased to only two or three murder incidents”.
The Islamic Emirate has many achievements besides security in the fields of economy, mining and intelligence, he added.
Himmat said: “However, in some cases jobs are not given on merit, this issue will be solved, they will prepare a constitution too, the reopening of schools forgirls has been delayed, but they will be reopened. No one from Amirul Momineen (supreme leader) to me as a smaller Talib, no one is opposed to girls education, all the schools will be opened according to Islamic Sharia and Afghan culture soon, God willing”.
Himmat said the government was expected to make announcements about the national flag and the reopening of girls schools on the second anniversary of the Islamic Emirate’s return to power, which would add to the joys of the freedom day.
About the continuity of security in the country, he said”There is no imminent threat to the security of the country I do not see anything like that because every war has a cause and the cause of the war in Afghanistan has been achieved, we fought for 14 years against the Russians because the fight was against invasion of the country and its destruction, we fought for 20 years against the US forces, we had a motive as our country was invaded by 52 countries”.
He said the Afghans could tolerate everything, but they could not tolerate threat to religion of Islam and their nationality. “If someone dares to fight Afghans, their fate will be like the Russians or Americans”.
He said: “It is important for the Islamic Emirate to accept reasonable demands of the nation, such re–opening of girls’ schools according to Islamic values and Afghan culture, the work of courts is going slowly which needs to be expedited, officials should be hired based on merit instead of relationships. The people had tasted the sour experience of wars, they do not want such thing to happen again, the IE also does not want war.”
To maintain security and preserve stability in the country, he said, the Islamic Emirate should implement economic schemes and interact with the nation the way it wanted interaction with the world.