IEA welcomes WB’s report on Afghanistan’s economic situation

KABUL (Agencies): The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has welcomed positive indicators published Monday in a World Bank report on Afghanistan’s economy. In a statement issued by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, the IEA “sees this as a clear indication of Afghanistan’s actual economic development and mobility.”

The report stated that the prices of food and oil have dropped, the value of the afghani currency against foreign currencies has remained stable, there has been a significant increase in exports, the salaries of government employees have been paid on time and there has been an increase in the level of national income.

“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan believes that if the restrictions in the banking sector are removed and the frozen capital of Afghans released, the economic situation will be even better and it will take firm steps towards consolidation as much as possible, and the international community’s responsibility towards Afghanistan will also decrease,” the statement read.

The Islamic Emirate has asked all international organizations to remind the world about the progress and developments that have taken place in Afghanistan, especially in the economic sector, so that the world can be aware of the real situation in Afghanistan.

“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan requests all international organizations and aid agencies to cooperate with Afghanistan in the financing of development projects, based on which the level of unemployment will decrease and have more positive effects on the country’s economic situation,” read the statement.

Also, the Islamic Emirate has asked the World Bank to resume and complete projects that were financed by the organization, but were left unfinished after the IEA regained control of the country.