Imran using tactics to delay court proceedings in Toshakhana case: Tarar

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Interior and Legal Affairs Attaullah Tarar on Saturday said that PTI Chairman Imran Khan was using tactics to delay court proceedings and hearing in Toshakhana case but he would have to be accountable of his deeds and embezzlement.

Addressing a press conference here on Saturday, Attaullah Tarar said that PTI chief Imran Khan was destroying Pakistan’s peace so he can avoid indictment in one case, alleging unrest in Islamabad is part of a plan to avoid appearing in court.

He said PTI workers fired shells at the capital police and created hurdles in an attempt to prevent Imran Khan from appearing in court. Tarar said that Imran Khan was not only attacking the state institutions but had been defying the country’s courts for months.

Special Assistant said that what is happening in Islamabad is another effort of Imran Khan to not appear before the court.

“There is no hurdle if Imran Khan wants to appear before the court but if your workers resort to firing shells at police, then the law will take its course,” he maintained.

He said Imran Khan has been caught red-handed and he is creating a commotion after sitting in the car.

The SOPs discussed with Imran’s team clearly mentioned that armed people will not be allowed to enter the capital when the PTI chief comes to attend the hearing, he said, adding that PTI shared a list mentioning who will accompany Imran during the hearing but the party has not followed it as armed people are also present with the PTI chief.

He said that Imran Khan’s convoy violated one way due to which a traffic mess was created and this violation was deliberately committed to avoid in time appearance before court. “Imran Khan’s vehicle is in front of the Judicial Complex and there is no hurdle from police, law enforcers and the government. He would be facilitated if he is ready to appear in court,” he added.

He said the government is aware of where the teargas being used by the PTI workers came from, adding that cases will be registered against PTI workers creating unrest who also brought stones from Lahore in vehicles.

Attaullah Tarar said that PTI should be treated as a terrorist organization as its defying the state’s writ. In Toshakhana case, he said that Imran Khan first refused to receive warrants and his workers attacked at police team in Lahore. He said that all hype had been created to avoid indictment but he would have to be answerable for embezzlement he did.

“A person who delayed foreign funding case for years is reluctant to appear before court in Toshakhana case and using delaying tactics to avoid indictment,” he added. (APP)