Imran violated his oath, threatens national
interests: Sherry Rehman

Muhammad Asad

ISLAMABAD: Former Prime Minister Imran Khan had violated his oath regarding the protection of national interests and the country’s secrets throughout his life, that he took while assuming the office of Prime Minister but here he has kept his ego and political interest supreme over national prestige and constitution of the country. It was shared by the PPP leader Senator Sherry Rehman along with former Deputy Speaker National Assembly Faisal Karim Kundi during a news conference in Islamabad on Friday.
Sherry Rehman said that the Primer declared all other traitors who opposed his narrative or either simplified his doctrine became the victim of treason and seditions at the hands of so-called democracy lovers.
According to her, a Prime Minister has to prefer national interest over his personal ego and benefits, but here the case is the opposite because Iman Khan has not only compromised the national interests but also stabbed the foreign policy of the country. While commenting on yesterday’s statement of DG ISPR she said that PPP and its core leadership appreciated the statements made by the DG ISPR regarding the recent events including the PTI’s narrative of a foreign-funded conspiracy for the ouster of former Prime Minister Imran Khan. According to her, the statement made by the DG ISPR had buried the PTI’s baseless narrative regarding the involvement of the joint opposition in the foreign conspiracy for the ouster of the former Prime Minister.
Sherry was of the view that yesterday’s press conference of DG ISPR had exposed the theory of foreign conspiracy and it was a big blow to the inventors of conspiracy theories.
According to her, a Spokesman for the US Department of State has categorically rebutted the Imran Khan narrative of foreign involvement for the consecutive third time and supported the statement made by the DG ISPR on the issue. Sherry Rehman accused the PTI and Imran Khan of playing on the cost of the country’s interests, dividing the nation, and pushing the country into a blind alley through the promotion of sentiment of hate, division, and disrespect for the country as well as the nation for the sake of politics and self-image.
She said that the government officials aware of the alleged threat letter were of the view that it is a baseless story, an exaggeration, and a mishandling of state affairs for political purposes. She said that finally, it has been proved that America never demanded bases and absolutely not was just a political stunt, in fact, it was the PPP government which got evacuated the Shamsi Air Base from the United States without damaging Pakistan’s foreign relationships with that country and again it was President Zardari who gave Gwadar port to a Chinese firm and laid the foundation of the CPEC.
Sherry Rehman busted on Imran Khan and said that any patriotic political leader never discussed sensitive nuclear issues in public rallies never a patriotic political party incites its workers to burn the national flag and passports to express hatred for the country. Sherry was of the view that Imran Khan and PTI did all those things that can violate national sovereignty and can raise their personal ego including exploitation of youth, use of social media for promotion of hate and false narrative as well as violation of the constitution at the floor of the house.
She lashed out at former Prime Minister Imran Khan for keeping the alleged threat letter hidden for more than three weeks and even did not share it with the National Security Committee but tried to use it as a trump card in a public rally when faced with a genuine threat of defeat in a democratic process of a no-confidence motion at the floor of the house.
According to her, Imran Khan is ready to damage all institutions of the state including the Judiciary, military, the parliament, and above all constitution of the country to protect his hidden interests.