Independence Day and spirit of nationalism

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has saluted the innumerable Pakistanis who sacrificed their lives for Pakistan and felicitated Pakistanis across the world on the occasion of the 75th Independence Day of Pakistan. During his televised address to the nation, the Prime Minister said that history had witnessed that Pakistan was created after millions of Muslims of the Indo-Subcontinent sacrificed their lives for the cause. According to him, a mere celebration of the Independence Day and felicitation is not enough today, because the country is facing grave challenges and there was a dire need for hard work and unity to get the true destiny of the nation. According to him, we did not make enough efforts to achieve the goals of independence so that the souls of the Quaid and martyrs would be satisfied and in comfort. The Prime Minister was of the view that the Pakistanis enthusiastically celebrate the Independence Day of their country and the anniversaries of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Muhammad Iqbal, but we must accept the truth today with an open heart that we cannot give to our younger generation, what it truly deserved. Prime Minister said that today’s crisis was wavering the self-dignity and self-confidence of the nation, which is facing another crisis simmering out of the seeds of chaos and hate and dividing the nation to tear apart the national unity. The Prime Minister noted that independence is unimaginable without achieving economic freedom and the opposition should sit with the government for formulating the charter of the economy, which is the need of the time.

With the blessing of almighty Allah, Pakistan successfully marked its 75th Independence anniversary and the Pakistani nation celebrated this important historic day with full zeal and zest across the country and around the globe. During this journey of seven and a half decades, Pakistan had passed through countless woes and devastation including flash floods, earthquakes, acute famine, political unrest, multiple enemy aggressions, and destruction of wars along with an irreparable and unforgettable incident of separation of East Pakistan. Besides these setbacks, Pakistan achieved remarkable successes over the past 75 years and attained a prominent position among the nations in the world through its important contribution toward regional and global peace, economic and agricultural development, industrial and technological reliance, military power, and admission in the exclusive 7 members nuclear club of the world.

Despite landmark successes in various fields of life, Pakistan is still confronting multiple challenges to its national sovereignty, territorial integrity, and economic independence and the nation was still striving to find its destination envisioned by its founding fathers. In fact, recurrent disruption in the democratic process, political and ethnic division, religious intolerance, discontinuity of economic policies, and myopic assertions of the leaders had been the real reasons behind the persistent economic fragility, social inequality, and political instability in the country.

Presently, economic instability, extremism, religious intolerance, and political anarchy are bigger issues being faced by the country, which demands national unity, and political and religious harmony that leads to a peaceful environment, sustainable economic growth, and prosperity of the nation. The challenges and road ahead are very obvious while the nation has proved its resilience in the face of all calamities in the past, hence the political leadership both in the government and opposition has to demonstrate responsibility and unity by putting asides the party politics to achieve this national goal.