India will help Russia develop the Northern Sea Route

NEW DELHI (TASS): India will assist Russia in developing the Northern Sea Route and turning it into an international trade artery. This was announced on Friday by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, speaking via video link at a plenary session in the framework of the Eastern Economic Forum.

“As Russia helps India to develop with the aim of space exploration and the preparation of the national manned Gaganyan program, so India will help Russia and act as a partner in the development of the Northern Sea Route and opening this route for international trade,” he said.

“The friendship between India and Russia has stood the test of time. And quite recently, we have confirmed the reliability of this cooperation within the framework of our cooperation in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, including in terms of vaccines,” the prime minister said. He pointed out that the pandemic has highlighted the importance of the health and pharmaceutical sectors, which play an important role in India-Russia cooperation.

“Energy is another important aspect of our strategic partnership. The India-Russia energy partnership can bring greater stability to the global energy market,” Modi added.

The prime minister added that the Chennai-Vladivostok sea corridor is currently actively developing. “Such a project provides greater connectivity along with the North-South transport corridor,” the prime minister added.