Indian actress Nora Fatehi looks stunning in simple ‘shalwar kameez’

F.P. Report

MUMBAI: Actress, model and dancer Nora Fatehi has taken the community on the internet by storm through emerging in an attire quite opposite to those she usually likes to wear.

Nora has posted some clicks on her Instagram handle in which she can be seen dressed in a traditional white shalwar kameez. The actress has adopted simplicity for her latest social media update by also draping a ‘dupatta’ (scarf) over her head, raising eyebrows of social media users.

The celebrated Indian star can be seen dressed in a white shalwar kameez which has very minimalistic embroidery on top of it as Nora poses with expressions of humility and shyness towards the camera.

Netizens have made sure to point out in the comment section that this look of Nora Fatehi’s is something quite new as the Indian celebrity is mostly found flaunting bold looks on her social media platforms.

Social media users have also stated how Nora Fatehi looks like a complete stunner in this particular attire and that she should emerge on the internet donning looks similar to this more often.