Inflation rises by 3.97% in November this year

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: The price for various items rose in the month of November and as compared to previous month’s prices, and the inflation rate in this month registered 3.39 percent higher as compared in the same month last year.

Director Prices Statistics Division Attique Rehman in monthly briefing on inflation rate said that the prices registered upward trend of 0.37 percent as compared to last month of October this year.

He said average inflation rate during July-November 2017-18 over July-November 2016-17 remained 3.59 percent higher. Giving details, the Director Prices said that during the month of November this year, the prices of various products were increased including Chillies Green by 38.96 percent, eggs 30.39 percent, grapes 13.06 percent, betel nuts 8.16 percent, diesel 6.52 percent, potatoes 5.66 percent, tomatoes 3.61 percent, chicken 1.96 percent, coaching charges 9.40 percent, diesel 6.52 percent, kerosene oil 4.70 percent, petrol 3.21 percent, and gas cylinder by 1.83 percent.

Regarding the decrease in prices, the said, decrease has been registered in the prices of some of the products including garlic by 7.36 percent, pulse mash 5.25 percent, pulse masoor 21.62 percent, pulse gram 2.06 percent, gram whole 1.25 percent, bananas 4.40 percent, onion 2.81 percent, lemon 2.06 percent and sugar 1.98 percent.

As compared to year wise price difference, Director Prices said, the prices of various products increased this year as compared to last year and those items included onion as its prices increased by 187.01 percent this year, tomatoes by 107.51 percent, ginger 19.65 percent, rice 15.58 percent, eggs 12.94 percent, university fee by 37.72 percent, college fee by 32.47 percent, medical college fee by 15.79 percent, petrol by 17.54 percent, tea 16.06 percent, diesel 15.97 percent and kerosene oil by 10.23 percent.

He said prices of some of the items indicated some decrease in the month of November this year as compared to November last and these items included garlic by 44.38 percent, pulse gram 28.40 percent, pulse mash 27.79 percent, pulse masoor by 20.49 percent, sugar 25.60 percent, besan by 19.13 percent, chicken by 11.72 percent gur by 7.96 percent, cigarette by 22.61 percent.

He said the prices of some of the important commodities which registered overall increased this year in July-November included onion, tomatoes, drugs and medicines, rice, tea, education fee, motor fuel oil, tailoring, potatoes, meat, house rent, fresh fruits, cleaning and laundry, eggs, doctors fee and construction wage rates.

He said only few items including pulses, sugar, besan, gur and cigarettes registered nominal decrease in their prices during July-November this year as compared to the prices of last year in the same period.