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Iran doubts US’s real will over nuclear deal

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TEHERAN (TASS): The Iranian side doubts Washington’s real will to fulfill its obligations under the nuclear deal. This was stated on Thursday by Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri during negotiations with the Deputy Secretary General of the EU Foreign Policy Enrique Mora, which took place in Tehran and were devoted to the return to the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (JCPOA).
“The deputy foreign minister noted that there are real doubts about the actual desire of the United States to fulfill its obligations,” the press service of the Iranian Foreign Ministry said. At the same time Bagheri “criticized the inaction of the European parties to fulfill their obligations [on the nuclear deal].”
According to the report, the diplomats agreed that “consultations between the two sides on issues of mutual interest will continue in Brussels in the coming days.”
On September 21, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Said Khatibzade said that negotiations to restore the full effect of the nuclear deal will resume in Vienna within a few weeks. According to the country’s President Ebrahim Raisi, Tehran expects that the negotiation process on the nuclear deal will lead to the lifting of sanctions on Iran.
Since April, negotiations have been underway in Vienna between Iran and the international “five” (R-ussia, Great Britain, Germ-any, China and France) to restore the Iranian nuclear agreement in its original form. The parties are discussing the lifting of American sanctions on the Islamic Republic, the fulfillment of its obligations in the nuclear sphere, as well as the return of the United States to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on the Iranian nuclear program. Representatives of the states parties to the agreement are also holding separate consultations with American emissaries without the participation of Iran. Initially, the delegations expected to complete the work at the end of May, then – at the beginning of June.

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