Iran parades new ‘longest-range’ drone on Iraq war anniversary — state media

TEHRAN (Reuters): Iran on Friday paraded its military hardware on the anniversary of its 1980s war with Iraq, including “the longest-range drone in the world” along with ballistic and hypersonic missiles, Iranian state media said.

They said the drone “was unveiled” in the parade, which was broadcast live, and that drones displayed in the event were named MoHajjer, Shahed and Arash.

The Islamic Republic said last month that it had built an advanced drone named MoHajjer-10 with an enhanced flight range and duration as well as a larger payload.

It has an operational range of 2,000 km and can fly for up to 24 hours, state media reported then, adding that its payload could reach 300 kg, double the capacity of the MoHajjer-6 drone.

US officials have accused Iran of providing MoHajjer-6 drones, among other unmanned aerial vehicles, to Russia for its war against Ukraine. Tehran denies this.

“Our forces ensure security in the region and the Arabian Gulf,” President Ebrahim Raisi said at Friday’s parade in the capital Tehran. “We can teach the people of the region that resistance is today’s way. What forces the enemy to retreat is not submission and wavering, but resistance.”

A video released last month by Iranian media showed the MoHajjer-6 among other military hardware, with a text reading “prepare your shelters” in both Persian and Hebrew, the latter an allusion to Iran’s arch-regional enemy, Israel.

The Iran-Iraq war erupted on Sept. 22, 1980 when the forces of then-Iraqi President Saddam Hussein invaded Iran. The conflict, which was economically devastating and left at least half a million dead, ended in stalemate in August 1988.