JUI-F terms mudslinging drive against Governor reaction of ANP’s defeat in LB polls

PESHAWAR (INP): Amir of Jamiat Ullema Islam-F (JUI-F) District Peshawar, Maulana Ahmad Ali and General Secretary, Masood Gul have said the mudslinging campaign of Awami National Party (ANP) leadership including its leader Samar Bilour against Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor, Haji Ghulam Ali and his son, Haji Zubair Ali is the reaction of the defeat of Awami National Party (ANP) by Jamiat Ullema Islam-F (JUI-F) in the local bodies polls.
In a joint press statement issued here on Sunday, both the leaders of Jamiat Ullema Islam-F (JUI-F) said if Awami National Party (ANP) leadership or any other party proved the carrying out of developmental activities as have been taken by Mayor Peshawar, Haji Zubair Ali, they would sent bucket of flowers to them.
Similarly, Haji Ghulam Ali in his tenure as Nazim Peshawar had made record development in the provincial metropolis, they added.
Both Maulana Ahmad Ali and Masood Gul reminded Samar Bilour that at her time of elections, both Haji Ghulam Ali and Zubair Ali extended full support to her in compliance of the decision taken by Jamiat Ullema Islam-F (JUI-F) leadership.
They also asked Samar Bilour to prove any of her allegations of corruption and influence in postings and transfers by Governor Haji Ghulam Ali and Mayor, Zubair Ali.
They said Haji Ghulam Ali has great regard for Bilour family and such utterances by Samar Bilour will damage the decades-old relations.
In the prevailing circumstances when the country is faced with both economic and political crisis, it is need of the hour to keep political leadership united and politicians should give national interest more priority over personal interests, the Jamiat Ullema Islam-F (JUI-F) leaders suggested.