Karokari Victims: A Sindhi couple on roads of Islamabad to safeguard life

Abdullah Malik

In February, 2016, Thirty five years old Ghulam Rasool married to thirty years old Zareena in Ghotki Sindhi, against the wish of both families and ran away  to take a temporary shelter in country biggest economic city Karachi for some time to safeguard life. But after some weeks the local Jirga in Ghotki sits and decided that both are involved in Karokari who married each other against the wish of their families. The Jirga continued with direction that the couple would be kill or Ghulam Retool’s family will pay 0.5 million to Zareena”s family as well the twelve years old Ghulam Rasool niece will marry with an aged man of the Zareena”s family the jirga continued. The Jirga put an option that if couple want that they will not be killed then the other option will be use.

Ghulam Rasool and his wife Zareena are living in a small tent in lawn of the National Press Club Islamabad along with parents of Ghulam Rasool since 2018, and they are waiting for justice from any superior court of the country.

Ghulam Rasool told Frontier Post that in 2008, National electoral battle in country a opposed an influential political party of Sindh and start campaign for an independent candidate fearlessly and organized various political awareness gathering in different places of native town Ghotki and convey my message that the traditional political stalwarts ruined the lives of Sindhi people and now time came to support educated youth for the election. He added that I was threatened by local landlords and they forced me to withdraw support for the independent candidate otherwise soon you will face the music of this support but every time I refused.

Rasool continued that after winning election by our independent candidate the local landlords killed my brother in revenge and a message was conveyed to whole tribe that anyone who will vote against the well of the landlord will pass through same pains he added. He told that when I nominated some powerful landlords in FIR who killed my brother he put pressure on me but I carry my journey and at last court award him capital sentence. The local landlords in retaliation kidnapped my sister in 2011 to emotionally blackmail me and take my case back but I refused. He added that I knock every door for releasing of my sister kidnapped 09 years ago but no one is listing my pain.

Zareena wife of Ghulam Rasool told Frontier Post that we both were interested in each other and for that my husband sent various proposals to my family but they refused and life without Ghulam Rasool was not acceptable to me and thus we tie the knot in court and ran away to Karachi but after the Jirga decision our lives were at risk and someone told us to staged a protest in Islamabad where you will get speedily justice but we were not aware that justice is too much painful and costly in this country, adding that 2 times each we walk toward Prime Minister residence Bani Gala and Bilawal Bhutto house in Islamabad for justice but no one reduce our pain.

She lauded the current Prime Minister Imran Khan populist rhetoric of Madina Ke Riyast but nothing happen for our luck to be change.

Ghulam Rasool added that my sister is still in abduction of the powerful landlords but Sindh government failed to address my genuine concerns because powerful politicians are supporting the accused group. He added that how I can’t marry my niece to a man 40 years older than her.  He added that I sent a message to Jirga that I am ready to pay the money but I am not ready to handed over my deceased brother daughter to our rivals. He mentioned that local landlords put pressure on Jirga and my son in-laws to accused me of Karokari and then jirga came with same decision of accusing me of Karokkri which results is stoning the accused.

He appealed to Prime minister Iman Khan for justice.