Kech’s Closed Public Library Needs Attention

Nawaz Ellahi 

Kech, which is hub of intellectuals, is the second biggest district of Balochistan in term of population according to recent census but it hurts me to mention that Kech public library is closed approximately for eight months by the Orders of Registrar University of Turbat owing to some structural problems.

Moreover, hundreds of male and female students used to come to public library for quenching the thrust of knowledge where manifold students were doing the preparation of CSS and BPSC competitive exams but students are deprived of library because of non-interest and non-attention of the University administration.

More importantly, Kech public library is situated in the Turbat city where students can easily access for reading and it is an immense problem for our students because youths are backbone, opinion-maker and builder of nation. Education plays a momentous role for illuminating human lives and education is civic, fundamental and legislative right of every individual.

Additionally, education is the gate way of any country’s development and a weapon to accomplish the goal.

 As Malcolm X beautifully quoted that education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. The students have requested their representatives for redressal of the library issue but the representatives are failed to make feasible solutions to eliminate the woes of students and the students’ precious time is being squandered; the future of the students will surely be gloom without education.

Despite the students have hoisted their voice for restoration and reinstatement of public library multifarious times but all in vain.

As Aziz Hasil, student of English Literature Department University of Turbat stated that due to closure of Public library students are suffering to a great extent and their precious time is being squandered; in addition, a library plays a vital role for the development of education.

I request the University Of Turbat administration and representatives of Kech to take pragmatic and stern measures for reinstatement of public library so that the students of Kech may utilize their precious time to read books.