Khloé Kardashian talks of newfound ‘guarded’ take on relationships

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LOS ANGELES: Khloé Kardashian sheds light on her newfound decision to be ‘even more guarded’ of any future relationships, she has, in light of the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal.

The reality TV star wore her heart on her sleeve during an interview with Extra during her promotions for The Kardashians.

There she began by admitting, “I don’t know… I do think from my years of being on TV that I will probably be more guarded, especially in a new relationship.”

“Khloé’s a sneaky dater… She keeps it to herself.” Kim hilariously interjected in the middle of Khloe’s admission.

However, Khloé went on to add that if she were to start dating someone new during filming, she’d wait at least six months before introducing them to the cameras.

“I don’t think I would put anything fresh on the show because you still have to figure it out and sometimes the cameras can just murk things up,” she admitted.

“Not because they’re doing anything, but sometimes things get misconstrued and then what if you’re like, ‘God I actually don’t want to date this person anymore?’ Now you’re, like, stuck on TV with someone forever.”