Khwaja Asif says PTI trying to give political hue to gun attack incident on Imran

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Defence Minister Khwaja Asif has said that the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf is trying to give a political hue to the gun attack on Imran Khan during yesterday’s long march claiming that the initial report shows a religious fanaticism behind the incident.

Taking the floor of National Assembly on Friday, the minister said that the direction of the attack on Imran was being diverted as the party started accusing politicians and a senior officer of a state institution.

“The direction of the incident is being diverted to a point where you will not find any culprit of the attack. After sabotaging all this, they (party leaders) have tried to achieve political objectives,” he added.

Kh Asif further said that yesterday’s incident brought humiliation for us. “All the world is looking at us that what will become of Pakistan after this incident,” he added.

He said that the federal government wanted to expose if there was any conspiracy behind this incident. If an attempt will be made to give a political colour to this incident then these kinds of issues have already buried in history, he added.

The defence minister said that the PTI chief time and again said that he was seeing ‘blood’. This incident has occurred under the rule of a ‘dacoit chief minister’, he said adding that dead bodies were fallen but Allah saved Imran Khan.

He called for the formation of a JIT on the assassination attempt on Imran. “We should go after the culprits of the incident instead of going after the politicians, Asif maintained.

He said that the PTI chief accused rulers and an officer of a state institution. Only the other day, Imran claimed that he was in contact with the establishment, the defence minister observed adding that he condemned any attempt to use this incident to defame an individual or institution.