Liverpool football legend Ian Rush visits Lyari

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Liverpool legend Ian Rush on Tuesday visited Karachi’s football stronghold Lyari as a part of his visit to Pakistan.

“I am happy to be in Lyari,” said Rush while addressing a presser. “There is a lot of passion for football here.”

Lyariites rushed in to see the Liverpool legend who said he was “excited to see young kids’ love for football”.

“Pakistan has a lot of football talent and the kids need good coaches to polish their talent,” he said.

Rush is in Pakistan to produce a documentary using the Ian Rush Foundation, which will collaborate with the Oxford Creative Hub (OCH), an incubation centre based in Pakistan as well as Britain.

The documentary will focus on tourism in Pakistan and also on grass-roots football in the country.

Meanwhile, raising funds is also one of the motives of his visit which will then be provided to a local football charity.

A football academy is also on the cards which would attract international coaches to train the future generation of Pakistani footballers.

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