Local govt trying to address people issues

PESHAWAR (APP): The present local government is trying to build and develop the rural areas and steps are being taken to solve the basic problems along with the construction and development.
Mayor of Peshawar Haji Zubair Ali expressed these views at PK 67 and 68 in Shah Alam. Mayor Peshawar Zubair Ali said while addressing the public on the occasion of the public gathering in Jati Bala, Jati Payan, Takhtabad, Larama, Mamum Khatki, Pajagi, Haryana, Pajagi Bala and other different areas of the people.
Announcing electricity, needle gas, street paving, roads, education, health vans, craft centers, BHUs, and other development works for the facility, he also issued orders to send teams from the next day.
The practical measures to solve the problems should be started as soon as possible by compiling reports regarding the problems, for which the people thanked the Mayor of Peshawar in the open court and assured him of all possible support.
The people informed the Mayor that despite repeated requests no one from the district government or local government representative visited Nasapa Bala, Khazana, Lala Zar Colony to address their problem regarding provision of clean drinking water, safety of garbage dumps laying uncheck in the streets, poor sanitation.
The people of Nasapa Bala, Nasapa Payan, Lala Zar Colony have also demanded that either the cleanliness staff of the SSWA or district government should be deputed so that the work of the poor sanitations, removal of garbage’s dumps and cleaning of streets, provision of street lights should be completed.
They said that despite time and again requests, no one is bothered to visit the area, either of the local government representative or the staff of the SSWA or district govt.
They requested Mayor Peshawar to take timely action, otherwise they would stage a protest in front of District government and Mayor Peshawar offices.