Long-awaited truce in Yemen

UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg has told the UN Security Council that an UN-brokered two-month renewable truce between the warring parties in Yemen is providing a light at the end of the tunnel and a possibility of lasting peace in the region. According to Hans, continued commitment is required from the Saudi-led coalition which backs the internationally recognized Government, Houthi opposition forces, the region as a whole, and the international community, to ensure that it becomes a turning point toward peace. The UN humanitarian chief said that aid agencies are seeking $4.3 billion to assist 17.3 million people across the country. According to him, the donors had raised $1.3 billion in pledges, while more is urgently needed to fulfill the basic needs of displaced Yemeni people.
The 2011 uprising in Yemen was the beginning of Political anarchy and internal unrest in the poorest nation of the oil-rich Arab region. While Houthis’ resurgence against President Mansour Hadi initiated a full-scale war between the Saudi-led Arab coalition and Iran backed Houthi militia in September 2014. Swedish Diplomat Hans Grundberg assumed the responsibilities of UN Special Envoy for Yemen in August 2021. Swedish diplomats produced admiring results and conceived a two-month truce between the warring groups after a few months of hard work.
According to Grundberg, after the truce between the groups, there are encouraging signs including a reduction in violence, a pause to hostilities and airstrikes, a resumption of commercial flights at Sana International airports as well as cargo handling at Hodeidah Sea Port. According to the UN Envoy, the movement of goods and civilians is being eased up through the removal of barriers between the areas under the control of opposing forces. In fact, the Yemen conflict has affected the whole Gulf region, but Saudi Arabia, UAE, and the people of Yemen have paid unmatchable sacrifices in the enactment of peace and stability in war-hit Yemen. Saudi Arabia and UAE had provided $ 5 billion to support the Yemeni economy and the truce will surely triumph in the county if foreign intervention comes to an end.