Mahira Khan’s new haircut ends up shocking her mother

F.P. Report

KARACHI: One of the most appreciated stars of Pakistan, Mahira Khan has lately decided to take a risk. What kind of risk many might wonder? Well, the actress has just gotten a new haircut and we think she looks super adorable.

Mahira in the caption of her latest post has reflected upon how she has never been one of those individuals who like to take a risk. The actress talks about how she decided to go for a trim and was in full mood to dye her hair pink whereas this decision made everyone worried.

However Mahira was in no mood for a plain trim therefore she ended up getting fringes. The excited Pakistani star when went home in order to flaunt her new hairdo was welcomed with a ‘Ya Allah’ by her mother.

In the comment section of the post, everyone is leaving remarks stating how they absolutely love the actress’ new look. Celebrities Ayesha Omar and Aima Baig have expressed approval for Mahira’s sudden decision.

To be honest, we think Mahira looks quite endearing in her new hairdo. The ‘Humsafar’ diva has stated in the caption: “Is it a post two time Covid survivor thing? Mid life crisis? God knows.. all I know is I’ve never been the one who dyed my hair in school/ college.. not even a piercing here and there.. And this felt good. Just doing something on a whim. So yeah… I’m freshly omicron negative and insanely life positive. P.S all tips for maintaining a fringe are welcome.”