Malaria increasing at alarming rate in Balochistan

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QUETTA: The health experts said that the Malaria is increasing in Balochista at an alarming rate and adding the 7,000 are being affected annually by the disease in the province.

Dr Kamalan Gichki, the director of the Balochistan Malaria Control while speaking to the journalists on World Malaria Day, said that up to 1.6 million people in Pakistan are affected by malaria annually, while many have died as well due to this disease.

He added that there has been an alarming rise in malaria cases in Balochistan and adding that in 2016, at least 53,000 cases were reported while the number increased to 75,000 for the year 2017.

Increasing at a rate of seven percent, the disease has speared to 29 of the 34 districts of Balochistan.

One of the leading causes of malaria being spread at an alarming rate in Balochistan can be cited to lack of awareness about the subject and living in sub-standard conditions.



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