Maulana Muffti Mahmood: “Rajul Azeem”

M. Rahim Haqqani

Mufti Mahmood w-as a great Islamic thinker of the last century. All the Arabs and Non Arabs accept him as a great scholar. He was a fabulous and renowned Jurist of Millat-e-Islamia due to this importance all the Arab and Non Arab Jurists consider him as a beacon in the Muslim World. At one side he was the trainer of brilliant scholars, while on the other he was the guardian and beneficial teacher of Pakistani Politicians.

Many greatest jurists used to kneel down before him in learning Fikah. His unwearied efforts for Muslim unity are beacon in the history of Muslim. He used to address at “Jamia-ul-Zahar” Unive-rsity in Egypt for the preaching of true faith (Islam). Due to felicity the Arab scholars used to call him “Ya-Saeedi”, “Ya-Saeedi” and he got the title “Sheikh Ul Arab”. When he used to address the Persian people in Persian language, they pleased them with different titles such as “Romi and Saadi”. He used to study English literature and uttered Urdu with much fluency as the resident of Delhi. He has a great grip in handling the political disturbance and confusion in an efficient way in a little period of time.

Having efficient negotiation with Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto having a meeting with Ayub Khan at round table conference promoted great Muslim unity. It has a great importance in the parliamentarian as well as in Muslim political history. It leads as a beacon for all the following politician and rulers. When Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto betrayed from democracy and acted upon dictatorship then Mufti Mahmood contributed to the PNA. Some of the members of JUI criticized and rejected “Jummat Islami” adherence in PNA due to their clashes in religious background. He requested Maulana Ghaus Hazarvi to keep it disputed and should focus on natural welfare.

When Pakistan came into being in 14th August 1947 he contributed JUI in Pakistan for those Pakistani scholars who had an acquaintance with Indian JUI. He left open JUI forum for all the political and religious parties.

Tolerance and brotherhood were well established up to such a great extent that deceased Ahmad Noorani, Khan Abdul Wali Khan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Professor Ghafoor Ahmad  and Allama Ihsan Ilahi Zaheer confessed to imitate Mutfi Mahmood in every aspect of life but specifically in politics. After the demolishment of Taliban government in Afghanistan the JUI got there favour and sympathies especially two Pathan well known tribes “Lar” and “Bar” . According to political expert it was a golden chance for JUI to cash the credit regarding to the situation. In 2002 election by participating individually but instead of individuality, Maulana Fazl ur Rehman united the religious parties under the MMA platform by his great foreseeing and intellectuality.

He constituted a union based on six political and religious parties. As a consequence in 2002 election MMA got a stable ruling in NWFP.   it is a great reality that Maulana Fazl Ur Rehman proved himself a benevolent and a brilliant Son of a talented and brilliant father.

In 1970 Mufti Mahmood political vision and principled politics got a fabulous reputation.

He played a vital role in national assembly by calling Quadyani (Ahmadis) as pure non Muslims under the constitution of the Islamic republic of Pakistan.

After the death of Mufti Mahmood, Maulana Fazl Ur Rehman got the command of the party and a Suffix was added to his name i.e. Quaid ibn Quaid in all the political procession.

The role of Maolana for the preservation off “Khatme Nabowat” efforts for publication of Islamic ruling in the shape of culmination of women rights bill 2016 remained nonfunctional, Democratic, constitutional and institutional perform icy, his rule as a leader for the unity of Muslim brothers, struggling hard for the defense of madressas and mosques, promoting awareness against American conspiracy at the international development conference in 2001.

In 2017 an international JUI conference (in which 50 lacs people included according to media.

The ill-will of which creaks hindrance in the development of our country, and solution to the problems of tribal people promoting a good strategy for the well berry, his real essence expressed itself in establishing a strong relation with Arab and non Arab after hundred years. So the suffix Quaid is erased and there is a strong prevalence of Maulana and Maulana everywhere.

Sectarian politicians and the public belongings to different organization and sectors accepted him cordially. He addressed the masses at world international conference after hundred years in April 2017 In a brilliant way which is worthy to be written in golden words.

Addressing to a crowed of fifty lac people he said openly “A warn American not to contribute bloodshed in any party the world just try to stop it, they should play positive role in international political strategies. They should remain bipolar instead of unipolar.

Allahh knows everything well. He further added that all the masses have faith in heavenly bestowed book. Quran reject and condemn extremism.

Promoting troublesome situation is the measure of selling weapon consumption.

He saved Quran in the only book which announced a murderer off killing a single person is a murderer of all humanity.

Maulana political strategies keep patriotism among the public.

According to Maulana, all political parties are off the concurrent opinion that CPEC will lead on country to prosperity, so by protesting against CPEC congruent to shake the foundation of our country.

If all the nations and their leader including Nawaz Sharif situated forward for the well being of our country then Maulana will never go back and stand by them. He further added that Pakistan is passing through a crucial situation.

Pakistan will be remained prosper and there will be no conspiracy if we say fore well to internal prejudice.

Maulana is the greatest Islamic thinker of 21st century.

In fact, Maulana is Code of the JUI who is the ultimate outcome of Mufti Mahmood Cherishing.

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