MCCI taken initiatives to promote business

F.P. Report

MARDAN: On the special invitation of Mardan Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Zahir Shah, Wahidullah Himmat Afghan Commercial Attaché Peshawar visited Mardan Chamber along with Dr. Hameedullah Fazal Khel Deputy Commercial Attaché and Ismail Khan Shinwari Afghan Transport Attaché Peshawar.

On this occasion, the executive committee members of Mardan Chamber, presidents of businessmen, general secretaries, representatives of print and electric media participated in large numbers. Zahir Shah, president of Mardan Chamber, while highlighting the aims and objectives of Mardan Chamber in detail, said that Mardan Chamber has taken all kinds of initiatives at domestic and foreign level to promote the business of this region.

Because Mardan is the second major commercial center of KP, which has many business opportunities and the businessmen here have long-standing strong trade ties with the brotherly country of Afghanistan.

Hameedullah Himmat thanked Mardan Chamber President Zahir Shah and said that it is a place of honor for us that he invited us to come to the Chamber. Waheedullah Himmat said that our visa policy is the same for all businessmen whose duration is from 06 months to 02 years. Apart from the facility on which the duty is negligible, it is also emphasizing on the restoration of trust between the two countries.

Which will promote the trade between the two countries, Hamidullah Himmat said that our Afghan Commercial Peshawar office will be available at all times to serve all the businessmen and on the recommendation of the Chamber, the provision of commercial visas will be implemented without interruption.