Ministry of agriculture says fresh fruit yield increased

KABUL (TOLO News) : The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock said that in the fresh fruits and vegetables sector, there has been an increase from seven to 30 percent in some provinces of the country. 

Musbahuddin Mustaeen, a spokesman for the ministry, said that except for the northern provinces that witnessed drought, farmers in other provinces have made remarkable gains in the field of fresh fruits. 

“In the current year, there has been an increase from 7 to 30 percent in the fruit products sector in the different provinces of the country. And this is a good achievement for the Ministry of Agriculture,” said Musbahuddin Mustaeen. 

Some farmers in the northern provinces of the country said that due to successive droughts, they did not get good results and some of their trees have dried up. 

“This year there was a drought, and our apple, fig, and grape trees dried up. On the other hand, there is a water shortage, we ask the government to help us,” said Rohullah, a gardener. 

“We have achieved good results this year compared to last year. These trees (apricots and black plums) are harvested in three years and these trees are three years old,” said Mohammad Wali, a gardener. 

Meanwhile, the Chamber of Agriculture asked the current government to interact with various countries in the export sector to increase fruit exports. 

“Today, seven kilos’ grapefruit is 70 afghani. While the farmer buys fertilizer at a high price. If the trader exports to Pakistan, the Pakistani currency rate will decrease. The merchant suffered and the farmer also suffered on his side,” said Merwis Hajizad, deputy of the Chamber of Agriculture. 

Despite the droughts in the country and the concern expressed by international aid organizations in this regard, the country’s agriculture is irrigated in a traditional way, agriculture has not been mechanized and farmers still carry out their work with basic agricultural equipment.