Musharraf may return before elections

ISLAMABAD (Online): Close Aides of former President Musharraf has advised him to return to the country as soon as the interim government would take oath.

Under the present scenario he has summoned top leadership of his party and close aides including Secretary General Dr. Amjad, Organing Secretary Mehreen Adam and his legal adviser Akhtar Shah to Dubai for consultation.

Akhtar Shah has briefed him on the subjudice cases against former President Musharraf. Whereas Dr. Amjad opposed the idea of returning of Pervez Musharraf to Pakistan immediately and supported to arrive following the taking over by interim government, the idea endorsed by Mehreen Adam.

Pervez Musharraf directed Akhtar Shah to start contacts with the lawyers organizations and in this connection to make active the All Pakistan Muslim League Lawyers Wing.

Reliable sources said that Dr. Amjad has sent a report to Pervez Musharraf on the political scenario in the country. Pervez Musharraf while appreciating the gesture directed him to contact the defectors of other political parties and sought a weekly report.

He gave free hand to Dr. Amjad to meet with League groups. The two leaders are expected to meet today again and upon arrival in Pakistan Dr. Amjad will meet leaders of political parties.

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