Nationwide tree planting campaign begins in Kabul

KABUL (TOLOnews): The first nationwide tree-planting campaign started in Kabul. The Kabul Municipality officials emphasized the importance of trees in the city and said that 600,000 saplings will be planted in the capital in the coming year.
“In 1402 (Solar year), Kabul municipality plans to plant 600,000 seedlings, including fruit-bearing and non-fruit-bearing trees as well as ornamental flowers in this city,” said Mohammad Khalid Sajestani, deputy of the Kabul Municipality’s Urban Services and Environmental Affairs.
The Kabul Municipality asked citizens to cooperate with the institution in maintaining the city’s cleanliness and greenery.
“Let’s all get together for the purpose of protection and greenery and help with cleaning and other aspects,” said Abdul Wakil Mutawakil, head of Greenery for Kabul Municipality.
“We plant saplings, they should cooperate with us and take care of it, and help us water it, and not break the saplings,” said Mohammad Nazir, an employee of Kabul Municipality.
Kabul residents welcomed the efforts of the Kabul Municipality.
“We need greenery, society needs it, and what the government has begun is a very good process and people should cooperate,” said Ahmad Shoaib, a resident of Kabul.
“They should appoint employees to protect the parks,” said Ehsanullah, another resident of Kabul.According to statistics of Kabul municipality, this institution planted more than 200,000 saplings in Kabul in 1401 (solar year).