Over 80,000 drug addicts collected: MoI

KABUL (TOLOnews): The Ministry of Interior said that more than 80,000 drug addicts were collected from across the country after the Islamic Emirate swept into power.
Speaking at a press conference in Kabul on Tuesday, the Interior Ministry’s spokesman, Abdul Nafay Takor, said that the over 5,000 people have been arrested on charges of being involved in drug dealing.
He said that more than 200 drug factories have been destroyed.
“After the (Islamic Emirate took power), the drug addicts were collected. They are 82,000, of whom 26,850 have been collected from Kabul,” Takor said.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Public Health, Sharafat Zaman Amerkhail said there are a total of 60 rehabilitation centers with 10 of them dedicated to women and children in the country.
He said that more than 28,000 drug addicts have been treated’.
“The Ministry of Public Health based on its plan and commitment over the past one and a half years in 34 provinces of the country, has activated the rehabilitation centers for drug addicts. It has a public awareness conference about addiction. It has held meetings at local levels for countering narcotics and it also released public awareness in printed pieces,” Amerkhail said.
“We are thankful to these people for all the services they provided. We hope they would be cooperative in the maintenance of the city,” said Nematullah Barakzai, an official at the Kabul Municipality.
The Interior Ministry vowed to have a plan on track to identify the lands which are being cultivated with poppy in rural areas.