NATO’s position in Kabul has not changed

KABUL (Khaama Press): Jen Stoltenberg, the Secretary-General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has spoken to president Ghani on Monday, both discussed the peace process. “NATO’s position has not changed & our presence is conditions based,” Stolenberg stated in his twitter.

He further noted that “We continue helping the Afghan security forces to ensure Afghanistan never again becomes a safe haven for international terrorism.” Earlier, US acting Defense Secretary, Christopher Miller announced the drawdown of American troops in Afghanistan to 2,500 personnel. “Today, US force levels in Afghanistan have reached 2,500. Directed by President (Donald) Trump, and as I announced on November 17, this drawdown brings US forces in the country to their lowest levels since 2001”, Miller said in the statement.

Miller added, “Today, the United States is closer than ever to ending nearly two decades of war and welcoming in an Afghan-owned, Afghan-led peace process to achieve a political settlement and a permanent and comprehensive ceasefire,”. Miller indicated the remaining US troops and commanders are tasked to keep US interests safe in the regions. “A force of 2,500, commanders have what they need to keep America, our people, and our interests safe” Miller said in the statement.

On the other hand, NATO commented over the US troops drawdown, stating that the US made it clear, “they would continue to provide their enablers to our Resolute Support Mission”, but NATO’s position in this regard has not changed. “We are carrying out our Train/Advise/Assist mission in its current configuration, with a Headquarters in Kabul and four regional commands. We are helping the Afghan security forces in their efforts towards lasting peace, and ensuring that Afghanistan never again becomes a safe haven for international terrorism” NATO stated.