New acting minister vows politics-free education

Monitoring Desk

KABUL: Newly-appointed Afghan Acting Education Minister Mirwais Balkhi vowed politics-free education environment and to promote merit.

Mirwais Balkhi was introduced on Sunday to the Ministry of Education officials at a ceremony at the ministry by second vice president Sarwar Danish.

A statement from the Ministry of Education (MoE) quoted Danish as saying that the current educational situation in the country had been satisfactory despite shortages and challenges.

He said all government organs were responsible to cooperate with the MoE in the development of education.

Danish dubbed as a great message from the president the allocation of $200,000 for construction of 6,000 schools for the country’s students.

Mohammad Ibrahim Shinwari, previous acting education minister and current deputy minister, asked all education personnel to work in a cooperative environment for development of the key education.

Mirwais Balkhi said he would keep the ministry away from politics and make merit his top priority. He asked all government organs to cooperate with him in achieving these goals.

He pledged untiring efforts at empowering the education system in cooperation with other ministry officials.