New political coalition reacts at Ghani’s step against Balkh governor

Monitoring Desk

KABUL: The new political coalition, Coalition for the Salvage of Afghanistan, slammed President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani for his recent decision regarding the Balkh governor Ata Mohammad Noor.

The coalition issued a statement amid controversies surrounding the decision regarding the resignation of the Balkh governor. The statement says President Ashraf Ghani has been attempting to monopolize the power and sideline key political figures who had played a major role and significant contribution in the formation of the unity government.

The coalition in its statement further adds that the conspiracies against the key political figures started few months back when the first vice president General Abdul Rashid Dostum was forced to leave the country and live in exile.

According to the coalition, the other conspiracy of the government was the sidelining of Ahmad Zia Massoud who had played a key role in the presidential campaign team of Mohammad Ashraf Ghani during the elections.

The coalition warns that the sidelining of Noor will have a negative impact on the security of the northern provinces, specifically the Balkh province and will pave the way for Taliban and ISIS militants to further expand their insurgency.

It called on the political figures and the government to start negotiations in a bid to find a peaceful solution to the existing crisis. The coalition also called on the international community and the UN to intervene and prevent the government for taking further unilateral steps.