Nuclear blackmailing and global consecius

According to western media, Kyiv and Moscow have exchanged blame for fresh shelling around Europe’s largest nuclear facility, which is in Russia’s control and has come under fire repeatedly in the past weeks. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused Russia of nuclear blackmail and using the plant to intimidate people in the area in an extremely cynical way. According to Zelensky, Russia arranges constant provocations with the shelling of the territory of the nuclear power plant and trying to bring additional forces into the area to blackmail the Ukrainian government and the entire free world.

He said that Russian forces were using the nuclear plant as a cover to stage bombings on the Ukrainian-controlled towns of Nikopol and Margarets and Ukraine’s military was helpless to target invading troops positioned inside the nuclear plant. On other hand, the Putin regime and pro-Moscow officials in the occupied areas of Zaporizhzhia blamed the shelling on Ukrainian forces. The Russia- Ukraine war is completing six months of hostilities of Europe’s biggest military conflict after World War II. Both nations had negated the expectations of the global community, as the Russian military failed to conquer its weak neighbor while partly equipped and poorly trained Kyiv’s Military and Ukrainian people have demonstrated utmost resolve and courage in the face of the ruthless Russian war machine.

The war in Ukraine is continuing nonstop on Southern and South-Eastern fronts while intensified battle around Europe’s largest nuclear plant in Zaporizhzhia had caused grave concerns in the global community. According to the Ukrainian government, the Russian strikes on August 5 hit a high-voltage power cable and forced one of the reactors to stop working, while Russia is rapidly grounding its military troops and heavy equipment at the plant while taking advantage of its occupation of the territory. Another Russian strike damaged a pumping station and radiation sensors of the nuclear plant on Thursday.

Kyiv and Moscow have traded accusations over several rounds of shelling on the plant this month, with the strikes raising fears of a nuclear catastrophe. The UN Security Council held an emergency meeting over the situation on Thursday and warned of a grave crisis unfolding in Southeastern Ukraine.

The Ukrainian authorities are continuously calling for a demilitarised zone around the plant and demanding a complete withdrawal of Russian forces from the area, while International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is closely working with Ukraine regarding the safety and security of its nuclear power plants and urging Russia to observe a restraint to avoid a nuclear disaster. Recently, the United States, the UK, and 40 other nations signed a joint statement denouncing the stationing of Russian military personnel and weapons at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear facility and declared it a grave violation of IAEA’s nuclear safety protocols, but nothing can mold the Russian doctrine over the issue.

Over the centuries, mankind has achieved excel in Science and Technology, conquered space through its intelligence and wisdom, uncovered the hidden secrets of the universe, and embraced the extent of knowledge, geniuses, and polity, however, the principles of politics, rules of war, lust for power and morality of leaders did not change by the time. The so-called civilized nations and the UN failed to censure aggressors and relief the desperate around the globe from Ukraine to Yemen and Palestine to Kashmir. Hence, the declarations of magnificence and manhood are futile so far.