Number of children suffering malnutrition up in Panjshir

PANJSHIR (Agencies): At least 516 malnourished children have been registered in Panjshir in the past two months, local Public Health officials said.
The provincial head of Public Health Department of Panjshir, Dr. Asadullah Nejat said that the number of children suffering from malnutrition has been on the rise in the province during the past two months.
“36 children who were suffering from acute malnutrition, have been hospitalized in the emergency hospital of the province, and the rest are being treated in the health facilities outside the hospital,” the statement quoted Nejat.
Pointing to the registration of the new cases and delivery of necessary health services, Dr. Nejat said that some of the mobile health teams have been appointed across the province, the statement added.
He said that in addition to deploying the mobile health teams, the provincial Public Health Directorate is making efforts to treat the malnourished children by launching counseling and awareness programs in the province.