OIC’s Contact group on Kashmir has adopted an Action Plan: FO

Muhammad Asad

ISLAMABAD: The OIC’s Contact group on Kashmir has adopted an Action Plan regarding the issue, while 140 resolutions had been approved by the successful OIC’s Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) during its recent session in Islamabad. It was shared by the Spokesperson Pakistan Foreign Office Ambassador Asim Iftikhar Ahmed during his weekly news briefing in Islamabad on Thursday.

Amb. Asim Iftikhar said that the successful conclusion of the 48th session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers was a landmark achievement of Pakistan’s diplomacy and a manifestation of Islamabad’s leading role in the Islamic world.

While shedding light on the achievement of the session, Asim said that the Kashmir Contact group of the OIC has adopted an action plan which is a specific achievement in the context of the Kashmir issue while the meeting has approved 140 resolutions on various subjects including economic, security, humanitarian issues, political, as well as social, legal and financial arenas along with the issues relating to terrorism, COVID-19 pandemic, arms control, Islamophobia, response to illicit finances, mediation and reforms in the organization of OIC. While responding to a media query, Asim Iftikhar told the media that almost 20 resolutions were either sponsored or co-sponsored by Pakistan, which is significant participation of the country at the forum.

While elaborating the outcomes of the session of the OIC CFM, the Spokesperson said that Islamabad Declaration, Forceful resolution on Jammu and Kashmir Dispute, Comprehensive Joint Communiqué and an Action Plan by the Contact Group on Jammu and Kashmir, Strong resolution on Palestine, Operationalization of OIC Humanitarian Trust Fund on Afghanistan, Appointment of OIC Special Envoy on Islamophobia, Resolution on threats to peace and security in South Asia and grave concerns over Indian missile launch incident of 9 March as well as Pakistan’s proposal to convene a Ministerial Conference to identify mechanisms and tools for the promotion of peace and prevention of conflicts in the Muslim world are the most important achievements of the recent meet up the Foreign Ministers of the Muslim nations and is a symbolism of Pakistan’s aspirations has a host of the Conference.

While answering another question, the Spokesperson said that the huge Participation by the Muslim world and the international community including 800 foreign delegates; over 45 Ministerial level participants, high-level dignitaries from OIC Member & Observer States are indicative of Pakistan’s importance in the OIC. According to him, Pakistan invited China as a special guest to the OIC CFM because Beijing wants to promote cooperation with the OIC nations.

Asim was of the view that China has a lot to bring to the table to enhance its cooperation with the Muslim world and with that spirit, Pakistan invited the Chinese Foreign Minister, Mr. Wang Yi, as a Special Guest at the conference.

According to Spokesperson, Pakistan intends to promote peace, stability, shared development, and a friendly neighborhood without becoming a part of any power bloc. While commenting on the OIC resolution on Kashmir, Asim Iftikhar said that the resolution covers all important aspects including Strong expression of support and solidarity with the Kashmiri people; their inalienable right to self-determination, and rejection of Indian attempts to equate their just cause for freedom from Indian occupation with terrorism.

It also stressed for implementation of UNSC resolution on the Kashmir issue and its final disposition under UN-supervised plebiscite and just settlement for durable peace in South Asia, added Asim Iftikhar. He further noted that the OIC resolution on Kashmir also rejected India’s unilateral and illegal actions since 5 August 2019, and also demanded from India to reverse those actions including demographic changes.

According to him, the Islamabad Declaration captures the overarching theme of “Partnering for Unity, Justice, and Development” and its contents are inspired by noble Islamic values and ideals enshrined in the charters of the OIC and the UNO. While answering another question regarding Ukraine, the Spokesperson said that the forum has expressed deep concern about the deteriorating security and humanitarian situation in Ukraine and called the parties for non-use of force, respect for each other sovereignty and territorial integrity, and respect for humanitarian law. According to him, the conference urged the parties to resolve their differences through peaceful negotiations because war is not a solution to any problem.