Opposition parties criticizes BJP for demanding cuts in ‘anti-Modi’ film

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NEW DELHI: The ruling Indian party Bahartia Janata Party (BJP) demanded to cut a scene from Tamil film as it showcased anti-Modi hatred; opposition parties, film industry and other criticized the Modi Sarkar for demanding cut in the film.

As per details, in the latest Tamil-language film “Mersal”, a character shows in one of a scene attacking the government for failing in providing free public healthcare despite receiving a national and services tax up to 28 percent.

The character saying in a scene that people in Singapore paying seven percent GST and receiving free medical care while the Indian government is taking 28 percent GST from people why can’t the government provide free medical care? The character played by a actor name Vijay.

The scene sparked uproar among the ruling BJP and rejected the claims of free medical treatment in Singapore and demanded to delete the scene from the movie as it was filmed only to target the Modi Sarkar in India.

Political parties criticized the BJP Sarkar and leader of Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi has asked the Premier Modi that cinema if the voice of Tamil culture and language and don’t try to demonetize Tamil pride by demanding and interfering in Movie.

“Mersal” released on Wednesday to record earnings has been running in packed theatres.

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