Pak perspective on US dereliction in Afghanistan

The US military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan along with the hurriedly planned and badly executed so-called Operation Allies Refuge (OAR) and Operation Allies Welcome (OAC) got tremendous criticism from Americans and people around the globe.

The Biden administration recklessly airlifted over one hundred twenty thousand Afghan citizens and their families who previously worked for the US military and Intelligence Services on an urgent basis and dropped them in multiple military bases at various destinations in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. The reports suggest that thousands of Afghan families are still stranded at multiple locations and waiting for the completion of their background checks, immigration formalities, and other essential arrangements for their ultimate settlement in the United States.

Interestingly, a humanitarian crisis had been created solely to show the world that the US does not leave its partners behind at the mercy of its staunch rival. In fact, the US government hurriedly brought thousands of Afghan refugees to its country without necessary verification or credentials check, therefore, the settlement of the significant numbers of Afghan refugees still in question, and their migration formalities had struck a dedelayedue to unforeseen reasons.

The US officials and media commonly hail Biden’s decision regarding the troops’ evacuation and celebrate the smooth and safe withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, but at the same time American strategists contradict the reality that a premature and hasty pull of the American troops practically pushed the South Asian nation into a pre-9/11 situation and encouraged terror outfits, transnational criminals and warlords to regain their grip over ungoverned regions in Taliban ruled Afghanistan. Nearly two years after the US unilaterally wiwithdrewrom Afghanistan, the country has again turned into a hub for transnational terrorism, fertile land for criminals, drdrugroducers, and human traffickers, that pose an equal risk to regional as well as global peace and security.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration caused serious security risks to the mainland United States by importing thousands of unverified Afghans as there are genuine concerns that several Taliban fighters and members/ sympathizers of other terrorist outfits might have landed in America during the so-called opOperationllies Refuge accomplish their long term strategic plans in the future.

Historically, the two decades-long US military campaign in Afghanistan could not achieve its stated objectives except for tearing down the OBL-led terror outfit Al-Qaeda which could be possible only due to the crucial support of Pakistani LEAs.

Similarly, the US has practically pushed the entire South Asian region into an unceasing political and strategic instability through its unilateral and hasty pullback, leaving behind billions of dollars of modern weapons that directly fell into the hands of terrorist groups including the Taliban, the TTP and Baloch insurgent groups.

Thus the so-called Biden doctrine caused great havoc in the AfPak as the IS-K is taking a boom in an economically fragile and politically weak Afghanistan while the TTP and Baloch insurgent groups are waging terrorist activities against inside Pakistan from Afghanistan.

Historically, Pakistan has suffered a lot from persistent instability that prevailed in Afghanistan over the past decades while the people of Pakistan particularly the Pashtun belt alongside the Pak-Afghan border paid heavy prices for the unrestricted hostility in neighboring Afghanistan.

The similarity of ethnicity, language, color, and creed had not only cemented strong bonds between the Pashtuns across the Durand line, but it has caused multiple administrative and security issues for Pakistan as terror outfits like TTP take advantage of these historic bonds for the accomplishment of their nefarious agenda against the state of Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Pakistani state institutions face difficulties in curbing terrorism because of millions of Afghan refugees residing in the country, and whom majority are involved in illegal activities including terrorism and crimes.

The Pakistani media particularly the Frontier Post has time and again brings this fact to the notice of US authorities that the US has created havoc for itself and the entire South Asian region, thus Pakistan must not be blamed for any appalling incidents in the future.