Pakistan faces threats from outside its borders: Maleeha Lodhi

Monitoring Desk

NEW YORK: Maleeha Lodhi, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations informed the world that Pakistan facing terrorist threats and it was supported from outside its border.

She said this while addressing to the UN General Assembly’s debate on Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism. She said that Pakistan sacrifices so much in the fight against terrorisms and its comprehensive efforts and all political forces on one page resulted in a good positive result.

Lodhi added that Pakistan Army has conducted operations against the terrorist across the board and destroyed the terrorist infrastructure and hideouts in border areas with Afghanistan.

Because of continues efforts and fight against the terrorism, the sharp reduction in terrorist activities was seen across Pakistan in the past two years and according to Global Terrorism Index, terrorism in Pakistan at its lowest point since 2006, Lodhi added.

Thousands of citizens and soldiers were killed against fighting the curse of terrorism and despite human losses Pakistan also suffered economic losses more than US$ 120 billion, Lodhi claimed.

Ambassador Lodhi added that these losses have not reduced the Pakistan commitment to fight against the curse of terrorism and Pakistan will continue its efforts till the elimination of last criminal from our land.