Pakistani dramas destroying social norms and values: Mishi Khan

KARACHI (NNI): In her latest appearance in a podcast session hosted by established fashion designer Maria B, senior Pakistani actress Mishi Khan has criticised drama writers for producing inappropriate content.

Mishi Khan is prominent media personality who also takes part in social welfare activities while also raises her voice regarding social issues particularly associate with women rights.

However, during the latest turn of events, the podcast session which has been circulating on social media featuring Mishi Khan spitting out some facts regarding how the dreadful drama writings have ruined the society.

“The drama writers have destroyed family relationships which are most important factor of our society by misrepresenting them and when you asked them why you write such kind of dramas they claim it is happening in the society that is why we are visualizing.

I don’t think that, I feel if it is happening during one place of some area and not taking place in other ten houses of the area then when you are making it channelize you are actually directing them to understand.

It is a certain mafia (drama makers) who attains good funds, I feel, to d-generate the society. You people caused the society to delve in wrongs.

People remain to intrigue about those things due to your false portrayals. Do not justify you mistake with saying that it is a public demand. No, it is not what they want to watch or if they desire to watch such things then Ertugrul Ghazi (Turkish series) should fail,” Mishi Khan remarked during the span of the videos.