Pakistani society needs justice: Siraj

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Pakistani society needs justice, as all resources and powers are occupied by the elite class, said Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) amir Senator Sirajul Haq addressing a party gathering here Sunday. He said dynasty-based politics and rampant corruption has marred this country. He said Karachi, the lifeline of national economy, has been facing immense problems. He said only Islamic system will offer sustainable resolution to all our issues.

He said poor masses of Pakistan are not doled out justice. He said justice could be doled out only with concrete steps not with just rhetoric. He said the poor masses lack basic facilities of education, healthcare, jobs and social security.

He said there are two parties in Pakistan, one supporting the cause of poor masses and other taking care of the vested interests of the elite class. He said there are two parties: one belonging to the oppressors and other belonging to the oppressed people. He said a revolt against the injustice

has become overdue in our society.

JI Karachi chief Hafiz Naeem, host JI District East Karachi amir Muhammad Yunus Barai and others also spoke. Separately, Sirajul Haq also visited Suhrab Goth area and offered condolence to the relatives of Naqeebullah Mahsud. He also prayed for the departed souls of all other victims of the staged police encounters.

He said if police officer Rao Anwar is so brave, he should be sent to the India border. He said at least 424 people have already been killed on 118 police encounters in Karachi. He demanded detailed probes in all these killings.

He gave an ultimatum of 10 days to the government to resolve the issue of the staged encounters, warning after the deadline we will not sit silent.