Palestine question and world silence

According to the western media, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has accused the United Nations and the United States of impunity, and double standards for protecting Israel from being held accountable. Addressing the world leaders gathered at the UN headquarters in New York, Abbas said he was speaking on behalf of more than 14 million Palestinians whose fathers and ancestors lived through the tragic Nakba 74 years ago and are still living the spillover of that Nakba, which is a humiliation for the whole of humanity, especially for those who have conspired, planned and executed that heinous crime. Palestinian President told the forum that their trust in the possibility of achieving peace based on justice and international law unfortunately is waning due to the Israeli occupation policies. According to him, there is a need to understand history, respect it and learn from it but also be willing to change. Abbas urged Israel to choose the future over the past, and peace over war. According to him, Israeli Arabs are not their enemies but partners in life with them. The Israeli government has undermined the Oslo Accord and deliberately destroyed the two-state solution. This proves unequivocally that Israel does not believe in peace, it is imposing a status quo by force and aggression. The Palestinian leader accused Israel of conducting a frantic campaign to confiscate Palestinian lands, build settlements, to loot their resources. According to him, the Israeli regime has given total freedom to its army and to the terrorist settlers who are killing the Palestinians in broad daylight.

President Mahmood Abbas has briefly told the world about the Nakba, the Arabic term used to describe the mass displacement, suffering, and dissolutions of millions of Palestinian people that started after global powers craved out the illegal state of Israel on Palestinian land and these desperations and displacement are still continuing after seven and half decades. The Jewish state shamelessly bulldozed all global norms and UN resolutions along with grave violations of fundamental human rights of the Palestinian people through the expansion of illegal settlements over Palestinian soil and the worst kind of blockage of Palestinian population centers including Gaza and the West Bank.

Ironically, the United States and other western nations rendered all possible material support to the Jewish state during the wars with Arab nations in the past and always supported Tel Aviv at the UN, and blatantly opposed any decisive diplomatic or political actions against the Jewish nation. The United Nations had adopted multiple resolutions regarding the Palestine dispute in the past and endorsed the two states’ solution to the issue but later did not push Israel to implement its resolution. The United States compelled Yasser Arafat to sign the Oslo accord and agree on the formation of a semi-autonomous Palestinian state without territorial, economic, and military sovereignty.

Presently, over 14 million Palestinians are living a miserable life in an open prison under strict monitoring and ruthless atrocities of the Jewish Army, while the UN is limited to mere lip servicing instead of taking meaningful measures to implement the so-called two-state solution to the Palestine issue. Although Abbas tried to sensitize the world about its criminal silence over the Palestine question, hence, such sane voices are less likely to affect those in power.