Peace and the Triad

Noor Ali Khan Khattak

By virtue of compassion and the qualities of head and heart, man stands supreme in the     order of creation. Exercising innate qualities and inherent know how of rules to rule, he equates peace, empathy, and love of liberty, equality and fraternity on earth. From the time of creation we combat evil and conclude that virtue survives while evil perishes. Still we take evil ways rather than virtuous and employ all irrelevant standards to achieve material prosperity and lusty wishes of the heart setting aside the fact that nature’s punishment is indiscriminately decisive.

 America, Israel and India the so-called most powerful, most democratic and most civilized states but (not nations) have always adopted the darkest ways to power and pelf. They artistically obliterate the unfathomable feelings of nationalism from among not only their own people but also from among the global communities. A conglomeration of communities live in America, Israel and India. Only in America, apart from the white Americans, the African Americans and the Hispanic and Latino Americans form quite a bulk of that society.  In India the Hindus, the Muslims, the Christians, the Sikhs, the Buddhists, the Jains and the Parse rub shoulders with each other. Israel have the Jews, the Arabs and other ethnic minorities who live under constant existential fear. They call themselves Americans, Indians and Israelis after all and carry the belief that their countries and convictions are their only primary values wherever they live. They are ever ready to fight and die if someone speaks ill of their countries as well as a set of their beliefs. I have personally come across scenarios where people fought for national honour and sanctity of religious convictions. But the question is as to whether they are treated equally and at parity while living in America, Israel and India? The answer perhaps is capital and categorical (NO). It is this sense of deprivation and isolation injected into communities and passed on to the younger generations all the world over. I will feel overjoyed if someone comes up with any better and different answer! Let us probe a bit deeper and ask a few more questions.

Are the African, the Hispanic, Latino and Muslim Americans are treated equally by the host numerical white majority in America? Do the white Americans actually support their ethnic minorities with domestic, national and political issues or they are isolated? I don’t take into account the grant and extension of refugee status to the Syrians and many other Arab and Philistinian nationals into European countries who are paid petty job seekers allowances and other trivial benefits which in no way can compensate their miserable diaspora plights. If I am allowed to destroy America, Israel and India the way they have devastated living and growing communities of the weaker nations, I would offer the best refugee camps for the displaced Americans, Israelis and Indian diaspora. The prophet of Islam (the choicest blessings of God be upon him) practically demonstrated  compassion towards women and children, sick and the elderly after many battles the companions of the sword fought against  infidels. Can we call the people forcibly made homeless prisoners of war or victims to the lust for power and sanguinary superiority? Are the ethnic minorities in India with the vast Muslim minority of Jammu and Kashmir and other provinces and states in India safe from the atrocities of Hindu majority? Are the Sikhs, Christians and Jains not discriminated against on the basis of convictions, beliefs and their own way of life? Was Santh Gernail Bendrawala awarded with a trophy for leading (Khalistan) the Sikh separatist movement in India?  All the above questions again are answered in (NO). In view of the above, may I ask the authorities in India as to how and under what ethical ground can they expect minorities to live in unison? I personally heard one of aged Sikh ladies saying that the murder of Bendhranwala predicts the death and murder of Indira Gandhi herself. Same year, the Sikh community avenged the death of their leader not only killing Indira Gandhi but later on Rajiv Gandhi as well- the heirs to  Gandhi’s Hindustan. Are the Muslims in India not mercilessly beaten with logs, axes and butchered for slaughtering Gaye Mata on daily basis? Was it like this before? Nay, they used to live in peace Muslims with the Hindus and vice versa. With Modi coming into power the Hindu nationalists crossed all the limits of decency and good governance, violated individual and personal liberties of minorities in India. The Hindu nationalists gradually resorted to violence killing thousands of Muslims and other minorities.

Modi hasn’t got a licence to kill. Is winning election more important than killing own combatants mostly Sikhs and those from lower Hindu class? Blaming Pakistan for what the Government of India and Modi did is a heinous crime and a worst act of terrorism. The world community should take a serious notice of India’s attempt of disturbing global peace. Imran prudently and aptly said that you begin war but can’t end it before it logically concludes. Similarly the American President had no licence to blast twin towers killing working class of other national background with a pretext to kill thousands of Muslims in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Muslim world. What peace did he bring to Afghanistan except more bloodshed? May the world know as to why American forces retreat now and did they restore peace there? Where Israel drags the world to? Yes, they fight for fun and just to bath and stain their hands with innocent blood! Where is the secular status of India and her claims to biggest democracy after Britain and how can America and other European nations claim to be civilized and democratic when they utterly disregard the UN resolutions on the Kashmir dispute? Is Israel a safe and habitable place for the ethnic minorities living there? Why the philistanians and Arabs are killed and tortured on daily basis along the Gaza strip? Was Israel justified shifting her capital to Jerusalem trampling the convictions of the followers of all religions? Why don’t we put an end to this worthless civilization and survival of the fattest?

This is horrific and Bertrand Russell – the brain of the west termed it as man’s reversal to barbarism. A threat perishing one third of the habitable globe lurks on our heads the moment a smoulder heralds the crack of another war. The triad drags the world into a devastating war. They keep their armies busy and spend material resources on explosives rather than the wellbeing of humanity.  In the current scenario only Imran preaches peace with the neighbours in particular and the world at large in general. What are Iran and Afghanistan doing? Let us cry over the bestial webs they web around the visions and reasoned faculty of their people. Let us leave a question for them to answer. Who can be your friend Pakistan or India? A friend in need is a friend indeed! We look forward to having your honest answer.  Let a serpent of peace pass by the American president to transport him to the land of peace and the Indian and Israeli Prime Ministers be his only mourners. Enough is enough the world needs peace, peace and only peace, nothing else.  Would Modi release any Pakistani pilot as a gesture of peace, goodwill and neighbourly relationship the way Imran did? Imran didn’t do this in anticipation of any worthless Nobel Prize or any other motif but for the sake of regional and global peace. Such an act towards a peace move could certainly be not expected from a serpent- America and scorpions- India and Israel. India has crossed all the limits of vulgarity to spoil the image of and isolate Pakistan.  Imran hands them over prisoners of war with dignity and respect and India returns dead bodies of civilians killed in a prison brawl with Hindus. The congress leader – Rahul Gandhi asked him to help improve joblessness in India, improve the plight of peasants by revisiting the agricultural policy but Modi repeatedly mourns the lack of Raphael fighter plans to use against Pakistan. The Indians do not want war with Pakistan but Modi’s blood boils in revenge for the setback happened to his upcoming election campaign. I humbly opine that the triad should be exposed to peace attacks instead of retaliating. This way they can die their own deaths. Imran’s gesture of peace is reciprocated among the masses in India and have seriously incepted a probe into the heinous designs of Modi. If nations of the world stop joining power blocks, the imminent threat of war can be averted. The triad’s principles of collective existence are not genuinely human, not democratic and not civilized.  They are loath to know the rules to rule.  Pigeons and sparrows can rule better than these tigers. Let the tigers eat their own flesh, cut on their own resources, own convictions and soon be buried under mounds of earth and sand with no mourner left behind. (AMEN).  Towards the close of the discourse may I ask you to rate Imran as opposed to Trump, Modi and the Israel PM. I honestly believe that this rating will spark a new discussion dividing the world into two hostile camps of evil and virtue. I think that Imran will defeat them all. He didn’t pay a pilgrim visit to the USA as other Pakistani leadership did before him. Also he didn’t invite Modi to his oath taking ceremony but only Sidhu his former cricketer friend. This quote from Shakespeare has an underlying message for those in power.

  “Cowards die many times before their deaths:

The valiant never taste of death but once”

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