Peaches, watermelon harvest raised a revenue of 200m Afs

ASADABAD (Agencies): Local officials of the agriculture department of Kunar said this year’s revenue of 200 Afs collected due to a hike increase in the harvest of watermelon and peaches in the province.
Officials in the province said that they have paid crucial attention to promoting the horticulture sector which resulted in benefiting the value chain, gardeners, traders, and the general public from this sector.
The provincial’s director of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Mawlavi Ezatullah Hidayat in Kunar, said that besides peaches, the watermelon harvest in Kunar has also improved significantly and horticulturists, farmers, and traders have been able to make a good income.
He says in five districts of Kunar, particularly in the Kunar district, watermelons have been planted on 5 hundreds of hectares of land and yielded 42,500 tons.
Hidayat says that the chairmanship is working hard in the sector of agriculture to increase the capacity of the farmers, using new technology and quality seeds, chemical fertilizers, and fruit and vegetable storage rooms to increase the harvest and provide better quality products to the market.