Plan to ‘corner Russia,’ ‘stop Turkey’: This plan is going to be ruined!

Ibrahim Karagul

The rapport between Turkey and Russia is not limited to the improvement of the two countries’ relations and economic and political partnerships alone. It is not limited to the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, the military technology cooperation, the state of understanding each other in the area of defense, coordination in Syria or massive partnerships in economy either.

Russia’s involvement in the Syria war, the bad memories in the Syria issue that Turkey and the US started together and the downing of a Russian jet for this sake, the two countries being dragged into crises that could cause war, and then, Ankara and Moscow getting close around a common will and becoming determinants in the Syria issue, has made the Ankara-Moscow rapport one of the most important targets of the US and Europe.

The plan to ‘corner Russia,’ ‘stop Turkey’: A Western priority such as “cornering Russia” and “stopping Turkey” is revealing itself in every area and every front now. The threats rising from the US and Europe are now targeting both countries. In the rising East-West showdown, the two countries farthest in the West are now considered a “front” for the West. Turkey and Russia are facing similar threats and, these threats are really very serious. Just the cooperation with respect to Syria alone reset all of the US and Israel’s theories on Syria. This situation struck a heavy blow on the West’s new Middle East design.

Turkey ruined the West’s geography adjustments; the map drafts went down the drain: If the Syria war does not end the way they want, all their map drafts for the region are going to go down the drain. This alone is enough for the West to threaten the two countries. Because they know well that the share in the 21st century global power map depends on how much of our region they rule.

Thus, they would not allow anyone to get close to the region, they would divide whichever country they want and mobilize the local regimes for this global invasion. Turkey suddenly changing position, seeing the threats and attacks coming from the West and turning to its own historical theories largely spoiled the game. Russia going all the way down to the Mediterranean and intervening in the Syria-Iraq joint map had already ruined the Atlantic alliance’s plans.

Their plans will be ruined in the east of the Euphrates: Now, the trilateral mechanism between Turkey, Russia and Iran remaining intact despite all kinds of attacks and narrowing down the West’s area of initiative in Syria have also intensified the showdown. The latest agreement between US President Donald Trump and his French counterpart Emannuel Macron, the deployment of French troops to Syria, the terror corridor in the country’s north being ruined by Turkey, the doors of the Mediterranean being closed off with the Afrin operation and Turkey turning toward the east of the Euphrates will further increase the conflict. All secret US and European deals somehow include ruining the Turkey-Russia-Iran trilateral mechanism.

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and United Arab Emirates (UAE) Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed have been released on the ground as the West’s new Trojan horses. It is clear that these leaders are dragging their own countries into a trap that will destroy them, that they are going to be badly used, and yet that they will not be able to build a force against Turkey and Iran. They have been released on the ground to continue the Western occupation that has been ongoing for a century in the power fight over our region, for a new wave of attacks.

Turkey and Russia are under open threat: Russia is under open threat. The tensions that started with the U.K.-Russia spat, that continued with the diplomat crisis, and lastly grew with the US deporting 60 and many European countries deporting one-to-two Russian diplomats, and which has gone as far as closing the US Consulate in St. Petersburg, are going to further escalate.

Because the US and Europe are openly preparing the infrastructure of the attack against Russia and making plans to plunder this country’s resources; and they are acting with the idea to make Russia collapse a second time after the Soviet Union. It is a fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is aware of this, is in offense instead of defense.

As for Turkey, the more it rediscovers its historic regional theories, the more it claims them, the more it becomes the West’s target. A country at the center of the Atlantic alliance is being directly struck by the Atlantic alliance, with efforts to bring it to its knees through terrorist organizations. July 15 is an open attack on Turkey by this alliance. The attempt to invade in Turkey’s southeast through the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is such a plan. The plans to siege through the PKK’s Syrian affiliate, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) from northern Syria are the same.

‘Conservative opposition,’ July 15 headquarters and the pro-Atlantic operation: All the developments regarding the “internal operation” are within this context.  The efforts made on the inside with the aim of the Syria war going in the direction the US wants, regardless of who does it, is part of a pro-Atlantic operation. Those who conducted the July 15 attacks and these operations are controlled by the same centers.

The biggest threat for Turkey comes from the West and its old allies. We have to carefully watch the foreign forces and internal operators that are making plans to “shrink Turkey,” and see this connection and take precautions. I am drawing attention to the “conservative opposition” and “conservative intervention” terms, which I have been using recently, specifically from this aspect. An initiative that seems like an “innocent opposition” that may come from here will become part of this new multinational intervention. The attack will again come from the West and be controlled by the headquarters of the July 15 attack.

Ankara-Moscow should get close: The job that was started with Afrin must be completed: Turkey and Russia are facing almost the same threats, they are building similar defense lines and expressing a similar defense discourse. Rapport between the two countries is in both their favors. Ankara and Moscow must be more open toward one another, strengthen their trust relations and develop a kind of solidarity. Turkey needs Russia, true, but maybe Russia needs Turkey a lot more.

The storms, the attacks headed toward both countries from the West are going to continue to intensify. Russia must show resistance against this, otherwise a great disaster is going to knock on its door. Turkey must continue the job it started with Afrin, regardless of its cost, otherwise it will have to face a new wave of attacks.

The World’s map is going to narrow down for the West: We can clearly say that the world has divided into two as the East and West. Not all of Turkey and Russia’s maneuvers are tactical, current moves; they are geopolitical maneuvers. The attacks from the West targeting these two countries are the same. There are facts that we cannot give up for Turkey, such as it defending itself, protecting its future, existing by growing and being a determining force in the building of its own region. For Russia, there is a great battle with respect to preventing the country from being divided a second time.

But Russia and Turkey are not the only ones standing against the West. Asian powers are rapidly rising. They are narrowing the world map for the West. We are going to see that map narrow even more and their areas of influence in our region further break. When analyzing the two countries, it is an obligation to examine the current global power map and its changes and tremors very carefully. That is when the truth will be revealed.

West on the decline, the East rises!

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Turkey, the tripartite summit taking place today between President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Putin is important enough to shape the region’s destiny. All three countries need to avoid getting caught in the waves coming from the Atlantic shores, and stand against the invasion scenarios in our region with a political language and stance.

Truly, a new world is being shaped; the West is pausing, becoming aggressive; the East is rising, gaining power. As Turkey, we are interpreting all this chaos well and taking our steps accordingly. The political genetic continuing since the Seljuks is going to put us in the center of the 21st century. We are going to continue with patience, determination and resistance.

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