Politics of hate, party versus state

In a hurriedly organized press conference, the caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab and Inspector General Police rubbished PTI’s claims that the PTI worker was tortured and killed in Police Custody after the Police clash with PTI workers on Friday. Provincial top brass categorically told the media that Bilal Shah alias Zille Shah died in a car accident. Later, the PTI leadership managed to brand it as a Police atrocity by dropping the dead body in a Hospital emergency in a suspicious and criminal manner. Meanwhile, PTI’s social media outbroke an online defamation campaign against the Punjab caretaker setup, Police, and other national institutions leading to uncertainty and suspicions regarding the upcoming elections in the province.

Politics is becoming more selfish, highly aggressive, and reckless as the firebrand political leaders are determined to promote their politics through all foul and unfair means without caring about social and moral values and the legal implications of their misadventures. Apparently, there is acute filth, moral decay, and feculence behind all glitter and gold, while no group feels remorse and tender apology over twisting facts, using deaths, destruction, and violence for political gains. Although, crime and feudal politics had a strong link in politics in Pakistan and the entire South Asian region throughout history but the use of violence, hate speech, and corpses for political gains and intimidation of opponents is a highly deplorable action of the political elite who claims high values but acts egomania and putridness.

In fact, treasury and opposition, likewise triumph and defeat are parts of politics and those situations are not everlasting for any political group and evolve with the passage of time. Therefore, the treasury is not reserved for any politician as many other political parties that have significant public approval are persistently lobbying to reach high offices. Hence, political groups should try to deliver to the public while being in the government and seek constructive and positive criticism when lost power instead of resorting to a useless bullfight.

Unfortunately, the Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has employed the politics of clash, blame game, and accusations after its ouster from power through a no-confidence motion under a laid down constitutional and legal process in the country. The PTI Chairman not only accused the opposition and government institutions of a foreign-funded conspiracy against his government but also plugged in sensitive foreign policy matters in a domestic political dogfight. Likewise, all national institutions including the police, judiciary, military, Election Commission, and all those PTI leaders who contradict the party’s policy remained at the gunpoint of PTI leadership and its social media trolls in the past year. In fact, prophecying bloodshed, preaching hate, and advertising the dead bodies of innocent and blind believers are not the need of a sane and patriotic leader.

Realistically, Pakistani politicians had always promoted their politics and compromised national prestige for personal gains in the past. Awfully, the political elite once again compromised economic sovereignty and endangered the nation’s survival with its egoistic politics and lust for power. The murder/accidental death of a political worker and PTI’s accusation against the sitting government for alleged involvement in crime is a serious issue while Police revelations regarding the deliberate politicization of the accidental death of the PTI worker are also important, that merit a thorough and impartial investigation under a judicial commission to ascertain the facts and ultimate penalty to the perpetrators of this conspiracy if any. Pakistan does not afford such a kind of governance and politics delivered by the treasury and opposition respectively. The leaders must revisit their politics otherwise public will prosecute them and no one remembers them with a good name in the future.