Power line project to be completed next winter, says officials

KABUL (TOLOnews): The power transmission line project from Sheberghan to Arghandi in Kabul will be completed by the winter of next year, said officials.
The office of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Economy handed over financial responsibility of the project to the Finance Ministry and related organizations.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Finance said that is ready to finance this project after taking technical steps.
“The Finance Ministry is ready to implement the orders, every time we get an order, and assess it… we submit a report to the economic commission,” said Ahmad Wali Haqmal, spokesman for the Finance Ministry.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Energy and Water said that the Asian Development Bank had funded 80 percent of the project, and with the evaluation of new costs, the rest of the work will be completed. “80% of the project has been completed, this is an important project for our country,” said Farhad Mahmoudi, head of the energy project in the Ministry of Energy and Water.
“This project from Pul e Khumre to Kabul cost 400 and 500 million dollars and now this project needs 60 or 70 million dollars to be completed,” said Amanullah Ghalib, head of Da Breshna Sherkat.
“With the connection of this line to Kabul, most of the challenges will be solved especially in the industrial section, and after solving a lack of power, we will have big economic investment,” Abdul Nasir Reshtya, economist.
Afghanistan imports most of its needed energy from Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan.
According to the Ministry of Energy and Water, with the completion of the Turkmenistan 500 KV transmission line project, Kabul and neighboring provinces will not face electricity shortages