Provide all record to NAB within three days, SC orders Punjab govt

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Supreme Court of Pakistan Saturday directed Punjab government to submit record of 17 public sector companies before National Accountability Bureau (NAB) within three days.

A two-member of bench of the Supreme Court headed by CJP Mian Saqib Nisar heard the case regarding the companies in the Lahore registry on Saturday.

The director general of anti-graft watchdog informed apex court that Punjab govt wasn’t cooperating in Punjab Companies Scandal case.

He stated that record of 17 companies was not yet provided to NAB. To this, the chief justice remarked that record of all companies would be provided to NAB in the case.

CJ Saqib Nisar also directed the CEO of 56 companies to return their additional salaries to the respective companies.

The apex court remarked that the public money would not be allowed to loot, adding that strict action would be taken against the corrupted elements.

“The companies were made to award relatives,” observed the CJP. “Billions of rupees were spent but there is not a single drop of water available for people. We won’t allow any person to use tax money.”

While referring to the chief secretary, Chief Justice Nisar said: “Chief secretary sahab, if you were a head of a company your income would be in millions too.”

The cheif justice also summoned a report over development in case within one week.