Residents protest against unscheduled power load shedding

Shafiuddin Shafqi

KARAK: The elders of union council Ghundi Mir Khan Khel took to streets against the disconnections of electricity and unscheduled load shedding and blocked the Karak-Sabirabad road for several hours.

The hundreds of protestors led by Tehsil councilor Maulana Ismail Haqqani here on Tuesday marched to Karak-Sabirabad road where they blocked it at Kamran Shaheed Chowk for all kinds of traffic. On the occasion the speakers including Maulana Muhammad Ismail Haqqani, Watan Bad Shah, village Nazim Haji Bad Shah, Haji Noor Saeed and others claimed that in first phase they would close the educational institutions and observe polio boycott against the disconnection of electricity to the union council from the last two months and claimed that the entire union council has been plunged into darkness.

Large number of local government elected representatives and people of all walks of life attended the protest. The speakers further said that Peshawar Electric Supply Company Karak has disconnected the power supply to the entire union council from the last two months and added that the area has been plunged into darkness.

They said that they have arranged several meetings with the deputy director PESCO Karak and he always made promises with the elders just to defuse the situation for the time being but could not resolve the issue. The speakers said that the residents of the union council were ready to pay the monthly power bills and they have made several agreements with the PESCO Karak in this connection but the PESCO violated the agreements every time.

They claimed that there was shortage of drinking water in the area and the women have to fetch drinking water from remote areas through donkeys and heads for domestic use and regretted that there was no water in Mosques for ablutions. The elders said that the PESCO Karak has forced the people to take to streets to protest the issue. The meeting decided that polio boycott in next campaign would be made and educational institutions both public and private would be closed as a protest. Later the PESCO authorities held negotiations with the protestors and assured them that the power supply would be restored to the union council.

After the assurance of the PESCO authorities the protestors dispersed peacefully with the resolution that they would again organize their protest if their demand not met as per their promise.