Rising political temperature

Amid the pressure tactics of coalition partners of the ruling PTI, opposition parties seems to have lost their patience and are desperate to make the government unable to complete it mandated term of five years. PML-Q has asked for a share more than its size in the central and Punjab governments. MQM Rabita Committee has directed the party law makers not to attend the meeting of standing committees without its approval.

Addressing a commemorative function at Peshawar, JUI (F) Maulana Fazalu Rehman alleged that the government is implementing the anti-Islam agenda of the Western countries and threatened million marches in KPK, Baluchistan and in the federal capital Islamabad. In a calculated move to divert the people attention from his mega money laundering scam through fake bank accounts, PPP co-chairperson and former President Asif Zardari has raised the bogies of government’s intention of scrapping the 18th amendment and depriving the province of Sindh from its share of financial resources from the federal divisible pool. He has sent his son Bilawal Bhutto Zardari for lobbying in Washington against the sitting government of Pakistan which has just completed first six months of its tenure. In a media talk, the PPP Chairman claimed that he will not discuss domestic political issues in his current visit of the US. Awami National Party Central President Asfandiyar Wali is also in the United States. He is believed to have visited Washington DC and New York several times while keeping his engagement secret from the public and media glare.

Are the young PPP chairman and the ANP President are on a mission to seek the support of “Uncle Sam” for NRO? Prior to his visit of the United States, Asfandiyar Wali has visited Saudi Arabia. In the past Musharraf-Nawaz Sharif NRO was brokered by Saudi Arabia and Benazir-Musharraf NRO was mediated by both the US and UK. But the chances of another such arrangement sees to be slim. It is easy for a super power to twist the arms of a non-elected ruler because of his legitimacy syndrome but it is pretty difficult to pressurize a genuinely elected leadership to provide a safe passage to the politicians with baggage of corruption charges.

Out of desperation, a senior PML-N leader Khwaja Asif told reporters at his residence that political situation will get worse if Shabaz Sharif is removed from the office of Public Accounts Committee Chairman. Media reports reveal that the government has made its mind to remove the Chairman Public Accounts Committee and weighing parliamentary option for which the support of BNM (Mengal) is being sought for. The ongoing confrontation between the government and opposition does not augur well for strengthening democracy. The era of installing civilian leadership with the blessing of foreign powers has come to an end and the political leadership should focus more on the real issues confronting the country and its people.

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