Russian S-300 air defense systems strike enemy targets in drills on Kuril Islands

MOSCOW (TASS): The teams of S-300V4 surface-to-air missile systems on the Kuril Islands practiced detecting and eliminating a notional enemy’s aircraft during drills in the Russian Far East, the press office of the Eastern Military District reported on Tuesday.

“An exercise was held in the Eastern Military District as part of a final inspection of S-300V4 teams stationed on the Kuril Islands to detect, identify and eliminate air targets. The air defense quick reaction forces operating S-300V4 systems went on alert after receiving a signal that a notional enemy’s aircraft had intruded into the airspace in the area of responsibility,” the press office said in a statement.

The S-300 teams searched for, identified and tracked the air targets that simulated a hypothetical enemy’s air raid. After locking on the air targets, the commanders made a decision on eliminating them with the distribution of fire. On command, the combat teams made electronic launches of surface-to-air missiles against the targets when they came within the destruction range, the statement says.

“The personnel’s coherent operations and timely decisions made it possible to eliminate the adversary aviation at the boundary of the zone of their destruction by air defense systems,” the press office said.