Sanjrani defends controversial bill to raise Senate chairman’s perks

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani says he can present himself for accountability after resigning from his office for adopting a controversial bill aimed at enhancing perks and privileges of past and future heads of the upper house of parliament.

The bill, adopted earlier this month by the Senate, proposed the provision of a lifetime a security detail of at least 10 personnel to all former chairmen. It also proposed that the government bear travel expenses of their domestic staff as well as family members. The proposed law is currently pending with the National Assembly.

Chairman Sanjrani defended bill during a news channel’s programme on the flimsy excuse that it would not put any additional burden on the national exchequer.

It may be recalled that the Peoples Party (PPP) had refused to support the bill due to the country’s economic situation. The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) had also criticised the proposed law, arguing that it would burden an already troubled economy.

Sanjrani told the host of the programme that he had not sought even a paisa’s raise in his salary. He had never claimed any travel or daily allowances, he added. He claimed that he bore all expenses of his household.

“I am ready for my accountability, and an audit should be ordered. If there is a proof [of any wrongdoing], I will step down from my Senate position.”

He said there were senators who relied only on their salaries.