Saudi-Iran reunion

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Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian has said that the good relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia benefited the whole region, and the ongoing Iran-Saudi dialogue is in the right direction. According to him, it wasn’t Iran who made the move several years ago to sever ties between the two countries. The two nations have had no diplomatic relations since 2016, following Saudi Arabia’s execution of a prominent Shia cleric Shaikh Nimr-al-Nimr and a subsequent attack on the Saudi Embassy in Tehran by a furious mob.

Iran and Saudi Arabia, the most prominent Shia and Sunni Muslim states respectively have been at odds for years and remained engaged in backing allies, fighting proxy wars in Yemen and Syria and supporting respective sects in other Muslim Countries during the last four decades. The mutual rivalry of Iran and Saudi Arabia has deepened the division between the two main sects of Islam during the past and anti-Muslim lobbies including Israel had taken full advantage of their rivalry.

However, during recent months the two nations started direct negotiations to improve their bilateral relations with the active support of Iraqi government.

According to reports, Iran and Saudi Arabia has made significant progress in this regard and reached out few agreements and understandings to settle down their bilateral relations during coming months. The Foreign Ministers of Iran and Saudi Arabia has met during regional-summit in Baghdad in recent months.

In fact, the Saudi-Iran rivalry had seriously damaged the prospects of broader economic and Military cooperation among the Muslim states during late twentieth century. The Palestinian cause diminishes due to Shia-Sunni rivalry because their prime rival took benefit of mutual division of Muslim States in the region. The disputes in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and Afghanistan couldn’t be resolved mainly due to disunity of both factions of Muslim Community in those countries.

Hopefully, the recent engagement of Saudi Arabia and Iran would pave the path for broader unity and consensus among Muslim world in near future.

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